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We help your company with cash flow, purchase your invoices, and pay you in the same day with competitive rates. Factoring provides immediate accessibility to funds. Factoring companies pay carriers as soon as they deliver a load. A small fee is incurred for the convenience of paying carriers sooner.

The most frequent reason for carriers to factor is to increase and improve cash flow. This way, one is able to access funds without waiting 30-60 days to get paid.

Benefits of factoring:

  • Quick pay to carriers
  • Provide fuel advances to carriers
  • Same day funding
  • Credit approval for shipper and broker accounts
  • Unlimited credit with carriers

committed to our people, our customers, and our future.


The team at Millennium is continuously undergoing further education in areas such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Service Orientation, and Time Management. We always work harder and do the best work. We are absolutely committed to our people, our customers, and our future. Our brokerage branch has built solid relationships with many carriers and now operates entirely from an internal list of carriers that have proved to exceed our expectations. All new carriers must sign and follow our rigorous “Broker-Carrier” agreement and only the best remain on our list of carriers.  We always make sure we deliver what we promise, and never promise what we can’t deliver. Virtually all customers have been gained through referrals and our good reputation. Millennium only associates with those who follow the company philosophy, “do more for others than what you expect in return.”